Interstate Truck Center’s Turlock Service Department


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Service Manager: Harpreet Dhaliwal

Our service team is “factory trained” and experienced in everything from routine maintenance to major repairs.

And when it comes to service, Interstate Truck Center is your “Total Solutions” provider. When your vehicle arrives at one of our facilities, we are an innovative Peterbilt “Rapid Check” service center and Navistar “Accelerated Service Express Diagnostics” service center. We use advanced equipment to quickly identify your issue and provide accurate time and cost estimates.

Some of the additional services we provide onsite are; cleaning DPF/DOC’s, machining flywheels, dynometer service, and computerized alignments. We also offer off-site comprehensive fluid analysis service.

There are multiple options for scheduling service- you can drop off your vehicle, or we can schedule a fully equipped Mobile Service truck and Technician to come to you. (call for more information)


We do offer after hours Mobile service and 24/7 roadside assistance. (call for more information)


We are here for you, to get your truck serviced and repaired and get you going.


Navistar’s NEW A26 engine.


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PACCAR’s MX engine